coupled flatwire inductors deliver 62A saturation currents

29th January 2014
Staff Reporter

Answering the demand for powerful inductors with stable inductance and soft saturation, Würth Elektronik have launched the WE-CFWI range of coupled flatwire inductors.

The inductor's windings can be connected in series and parallel, enabling the compact double choke to be used in either SEPIC, CUK or Buck/Boost converters. The core material enables high saturation currents of up to 62A, which is four times higher than with previously comparable double chokes. The inductors boast soft saturation, a tight tolerance inductance and a low DC resistance with only 10% tolerance. Further to this, the leakage inductance of less than 0.5% reduces peaks in start-up currents. The indusctor is available in an extended temperature range up to 150 °C with inductance values of up to 17.6 µH.

The WE-CFWI range has been designed for high-performance switching regulators requiring powerful inductors with stable inductance and soft saturation to cope with high currents.




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