Complete lithium-ion Battery Monitor in 3mm x 3mm Package

14th April 2009
ES Admin
Maxim has introduced the DS2741 current monitor/accumulator for cost-sensitive, lithium-ion (Li+) applications. The industry's first battery-monitoring IC to incorporate a high-side, current-sense resistor, this 3mm x 3mm device saves valuable real estate in space-constrained applications. Its unique topology allows users to connect the DS2741 directly to the power source to detect downstream failures and trigger appropriate corrective action.
Additionally, it avoids the ground disturbance associated with low-side, current-sense designs. The DS2741 provides a complete current-sensing, measuring, and accumulation solution tailored for battery-charge-control and remaining-capacity-estimation applications. The device is ideal for handheld wireless products such as multimedia players, mobile phones, PDAs, and digital cameras. It is also well suited for automotive/telematics applications.

In order to support adjustments to battery-capacity estimates based on temperature, the DS2741 integrates a temperature sensor that measures temperatures over the entire -20 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius operating range with a resolution of ±1 degree Celsius.

The device consumes 60microamps (typ) during active operation and only 1microamp (typ) in low-power sleep mode, which increases battery runtime by minimizing drain on the battery.

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