Compact, rugged MOSFETs can be driven directly from MCU

27th August 2015
Barney Scott

DIY tools such as cordless drills and saws have to be handy and durable. Therefore, the electronic components used in the applications need to be space-saving and rugged. Infineon has extended its StrongIRFET Power MOSFET family, providing a solution that fulfills both requirements. The Logic Level StrongIRFETs can be driven directly from a MCU, saving space and cutting costs.

The MOSFETs are also highly rugged, and thus help lengthen the service life of the electronic devices. The tried and tested StrongIRFET family enables highest energy efficiency in electric appliances. With the logic level extension, Infineon meets the market’s demand for StrongIRFETs that do not require a stand-alone driver.In the logic level variant the necessary gate-source voltage is reduced to 4.5V. This makes it possible to directly connect the MOSFET with the MCU in many applications.

The characteristic performance features of the StrongIRFET family have been retained in the logic level extension: Low RDS(ON) (0.52mΩ typ. and 0.97mΩ max.) for reduced conduction losses, high current carrying capability for increased power capability and rugged silicon all make for high system reliability.

“The Logic Level StrongIRFETs deliver two decisive advantages. They reduce the complexity of the electronic design in various applications and show an unmatched ruggedness,” says Stéphane Ernoux, Product Marketing Director, Power Management and Multimarket Division, Infineon. Production orders of the Logic Level StrongIRFETs are available immediately.

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