Compact PIANO DIN rail power supplies hit the right notes

18th August 2020
Mick Elliott

PULS has expanded its PIANO product family by releasing eight DIN rail power supplies [PIM36 (36 W at 24 V), PIM60 (60 W at 12 V and 24 V), and PIM90 (90 W at 24 V)].

Six of the models are NEC Class 2 compliant as a limited power source.

They are available at distributor Digi-Key.

The PIANO Mini (PIM) power supplies save space in an enclosure, allowing more flexible planning.

The 36 mm width of the 90 W models provides a space-saving form factor for the market. The width of the 36 W version is only 22.5 mm.

All models offer exceptional power density and reduced width.

PIANO series are general purpose power supplies that offer high-end value at mid-range prices.

The power supplies rated from 36 W to 480 W are focused on simplicity with comprising PULS standards of high efficiency, absolute reliability, small size, and long lifetimes.

An example is the high efficiency of 91.8% (PIM60) and 93.8% (PIM90) at full load and +40°C ambient temperature.

This means lower heat losses, making the power supplies more durable and reduces the costs for the cooling of a system.

The long lifetime of the components used in the PIM power supplies reduces replacement costs and provides the lowest total cost of ownership for designs.

The 60 W and 90 W models have two wiring options, allowing users to choose between push-in or screw terminals.

The push-in terminals reduce installation time and are very reliable in environments prone to shock and vibration. In addition, they are ideally suited for robot-assisted wiring processes.

The screw terminals that accommodate large diameter wires are still popular in environments with minimal shock and vibration.

With the PIM products, PULS provides an extensive, cost-oriented product family in the 36 W to 480 W power range in the PIANO family.

PULS is a manufacturer of efficient DIN rail switched mode power supplies and accessories.

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