Charge port converter with STB protection and thermal foldback

21st January 2020
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The TPS2583x-Q1 from Texas Instruments is a USB Type-C and BC1.2 charging port controller that includes a synchronous DC/DC converter. With cable droop compensation, the VBUS voltage remains constant regardless of load current, ensuring connected portable devices are charged at optimal current and voltage.

The TPS2583x-Q1 also integrates short to battery protection on VBUS, CC1, CC2, DM_IN and DP_IN pins. These pins can withstand voltage up to 18V.

The TPS25830-Q1 includes high bandwidth analogue switches for DP and DM pass-through, while the TPS25831-Q1 includes a thermistor input pin and thermal warning flag for user programmable thermal overload protection.

The synchronous buck regulator operates with current mode control and is internally compensated to simplify design. A resistor on the RT pin sets the switching frequency between 300kHz and 2.2MHz. Operating below 400 kHz results in better system efficiency. Operation above 2.1MHz avoids the AM radio bands and allows for use of a smaller inductor.

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