Buffer Module gives Standby Power for DIN-Rail Power Supplies

29th May 2006
ES Admin
Powersolve introduces a buffer module - a power back-up device that will supply stand-by voltage for a 24VDC power supply without the need for batteries.
It buffers load currents during typical power failures such as brown-outs or load peaks for a defined period of time. The back-up time for a 20A load is 200msec and, for a 1.2A load, the module provides stand-by power for up to 4secs.

The TSP-BFM is totally maintenance-free as no batteries are used - the energy is stored in a capacitor bank. The operation status of the module can be monitored by an LED indicator on the front panel as well as by signal outputs. This buffer unit does not require any control wiring as it is simply connected parallel to the load.

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