Buck regulators offer current density and fully integrated MOSFETs

26th June 2018
Lanna Cooper

The release of three new highly-efficient mid-voltage PWM buck converters has been announced by ON Semiconductor. Supporting a wide input voltage range of 4.5-65V, an output current of up to 10A and output power of 100W, ON Semiconductor’s new FAN6500X family of buck converters combines the time tested fixed frequency control scheme with flexible Type III compensation and robust fault protection. 

ON Semiconductor has integrated its PowerTrench MOSFET technology to create a rugged integrated solution that delivers power density and efficiency for DC/DC applications.

By combining ON Semiconductor’s PowerTrench MOSFET process with packaging technology in a PQFN footprint, the FAN65008B/5A/4B PWM buck converters deliver extremely low parasitics in the power path, enabling developers to realise a peak efficiency of 98.5%, with low ringing and better EMI than a solution that uses an external MOSFET.

All three devices support a wide input voltage range from 4.5-65V, making them applicable to a large range of applications in the industrial and consumer sectors, from base station power supplies to home automation.

They are also suitable for battery management systems, as well as USB Power Delivery (PD) applications. The integration of two LDOs plus an on-chip power path switch gives designers the flexibility to power the controller from the input voltage, the buck converter output or through the PVCC pin using the power path.

The high level of integration means manufacturers can use the FAN6500x family to strike the right balance between power density, BoM cost, performance and flexibility. By leveraging its PowerTrench MOSFET technology, ON Semiconductor successfully addresses the key features developers look for in a power management solution.

The FAN6500x family implements an exhaustive range of features to protect itself and any downstream circuits from damage. These include adjustable over-current protection, thermal shutdown, over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection.

“With the release of the FAN6500X family of parts ON Semiconductor has produced a series of robust solutions to help customers meet their mid-voltage DC/DC needs with industry leading efficiency, power density, and flexibility,” said Richard Lu, President of Mobile, Computing and Cloud Division ON Semiconductor.

ON Semiconductor offers supporting evaluation boards (FAN65004B-GEVB, FAN65005A-GEVB, and FAN65008B-GEVB).

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