Brushed DC motor driver exhibits 0.34Ω RDS(on)

24th June 2015
Barney Scott

Toshiba has launched a small motor driver IC for DC brushed motors. While primarily targeted at vehicle engine applications, such as electronic throttle and valve control, the TB9051FTG is also suitable for control of on-board systems operating at up to 5A, such as control of wing mirrors and locks for car boots. The TB9051FTG is a single channel H-Bridge that supports two power supplies (VBAT and VCC).

In addition to forward, reverse and brake functions, it is also capable of PWM control, current limit control and usable for high-side current monitoring, diagnosis output and Power On Reset (POR) circuitry. The device offers highly efficient operation in a compact P-QFN28 package (6mm2), well suited for small mounting boards.

Fabricated with cutting edge process technology to ensure ultra-low RDS(ON) of 0.34Ω (high-side + low-side, max) the TB9051FTG applies DMOS transistors as driver circuits. The IC also uses various built-in failure detection features for functional safety. These include over current, over heat, low voltage and high voltage detection circuits.

The TB9051FTG has an operational voltage range of VBAT=4.5 to 28V and VCC=4.5 to 5.5V. Toshiba has also carried out a variety of testing on the TB9051FTG to simulate various system failures and will provide customers with documentation to support safety analysis and design. Sample shipments will begin in September 2015, with mass production scheduled to commence in October 2016.

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