Bourns high power current sense resistor series

4th December 2023
Harry Fowle

Bourns has introduced four brand new high-power, low-ohmic-power current sense resistor series.

The latest current measurement devices from Bourns are designed to help save energy while maximising sensing performance in power electronics designs. The four CSI Model Series feature low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) for operating accuracy over a wide temperature range and excellent long-term stability. Their very low resistance levels, low thermal electromagnetic force (EMF) and high power handling capabilities make them ideal solutions for a variety of industrial and consumer applications and power electronics including Battery Management Systems (BMS), Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) and motor drives.

Current sense resistors are increasingly being used in higher power applications due to their precise measurement accuracy and relatively low cost compared to other technologies. Bourns developed this new family to help designers meet the monitoring accuracy necessary to provide a current reading that assists in the efficient operation of the circuit.

Bourns' new Model CSI Series are constructed with Electron Beam Welded (EBW) resistive and copper alloy terminals and are available in both two and four-terminal options. The two-terminal models are offered in three different footprint sizes: 5930, 3920 and 2512. The four-terminal devices, in footprint size 4026, allow for very precise four-wire Kelvin (K) resistance measurement. The metal alloy current sensing element supports low thermal EMF and low TCRs of ±50 PPM/°C in the 20°C to 60 °C temperature range. All four models supply resistance values as low as 0.2 milliohms, and customers can select from a range of low resistance options and power ratings of up to 15 W.

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