Bourns expands its SinglFuse SMD Fuse line

16th February 2024
Sheryl Miles

Bourns, a manufacturer and supplier of electronic components for power, protection, and sensing solutions, has announced the expansion of the Company’s SinglFuse SMD fuse line.

In power-based applications, efficiency plays a pivotal role, especially as end-products are increasingly sophisticated and have higher power consumption. The requirement for supporting components that feature a higher power rating in a compact form factor has become imperative. Bourns Model SF-0603SP-R and Model SF-1206S-R Series meet these ongoing needs.

With the introduction of these two new SinglFuse SMD Fuse model families, designers of higher operating voltage applications can now select a more compact overcurrent protector. For example, the Model SF-0603SP-R Series is ideal for applications that operate at 48VDC, and the Model SF-1206S-R Series is suitable for 12VDC or 24VDC operating systems where the operating current is over 10A.

Bourns SinglFuse SMD Fuses provide effective overcurrent protection in standard SMD sizes ranging from 0402 to 3812. Using Bourns’ advanced design techniques, the new model series feature various voltage and current ratings, a wide operating temperature range, and high-performance fuse characteristics.

The newly released model families utilise advanced Metal Foil technology, which is capable of handling higher currents in a compact form factor. This technology can support operating temperatures up to 125°C, which is sufficient for most consumer, industrial, and telecom applications.

The Bourns Model SF-0603SP-R and SF-1206S-R Series SinglFuse SMD Fuses are available now.

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