Boost, flyback & SEPIC controller operates up to 175°C

25th April 2017
Barney Scott

Analog Devices, which recently acquired Linear, announces the LTC1871X, a wide input range, current mode, boost, flyback or SEPIC controller that drives an N-channel power MOSFET and requires few external components. Intended for low to medium power applications, it eliminates the need for a current sense resistor by utilizing the power MOSFET’s on-resistance, thereby maximizing efficiency. The LTC1871X’s design is optimized for high temperature environments up to 175°C.

Its 2.5 to 36V input voltage range is suiteable for high temperature applications such as oil exploration drilling equipment with power sources ranging from 3 to 36V. The LTC1871X’s electrical parameters are 100% tested at 175°C, offering a VREF accuracy of ±2% over the entire -40 to +175°C temperature range.

The LTC1871X’s flexibility for use in boost, SEPIC or flyback topologies is ideal for a wide range of battery-powered applications commonly found in downhole drilling applications.The LTC1871X’s Burst Mode operation offers low quiescent current, well suited for applications that require extended operating battery life. Specialized Cu/Ni/Au bond pad plating ensures long life in high temperature environments while a tiny MSOP-10 package offers a highly compact solution footprint.

The LTC1871XMS, offered in an MSOP-10 package and is available from stock.

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