Bauer’s reference work on battery technology

6th March 2017
Anna Flockett


Whether they are used in the automotive sector, electric bicycles, tools, energy networks, or industrial manufacturing; batteries play an increasing role in society, and it’s safe to say they are at the heart of many different devices and systems.

Batteries make mobile applications possible and drive innovation on all technologically-oriented markets. Only reliable energy storage systems that are lightweight and equipped with high storage capacities make it possible to use drones or other self-guiding robotic units, for instance. 

The development of electrochemical energy storage systems is a field strongly characterised by dynamism and innovation. Increases in capacity are taking place almost every six months in lithium battery technology, and noticeable technological leaps occur roughly once a year. It can be assumed that numerous new markets will develop over the next few years where lithium battery technology can be successful: The potential for this technology is substantial.

With his book ‘AkkuWelt (Battery World), Sven Bauer, Managing Director of the BMZ Group, is publishing a reference text that will become the new standard work for battery technology.

The author communicates basic knowledge on battery engineering using technology, offering an overview of the development, construction, and use of batteries. Bauer is able to base his work on his exclusive knowledge as an industry leader and key innovator.

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