Battery monitoring & management for UPS systems

7th November 2014
Nat Bowers

Uninterruptible Power Supplies has announced the PowerNSURE advanced, integrated battery monitoring and management system for UPS users. This ensures that the reliability of secure power systems are not compromised by using web-management technology to check the internal resistance, temperature and voltage of each battery.

Using the equalisation process to prevent gassing, dry-out and thermal runaway, the system then corrects the charging voltage operating range. The risk of under-charging is minimised and the availability of the battery guaranteed at all times via constant monitoring and controlling of individual charging voltages for each battery.

This latest development has been augmented with UPS's extensive battery care services, which take a total life approach to battery care and maintenance, to provide the most robust and comprehensive solution on the market. Services include design, installation, maintenance, monitoring, replacement and disposal of components. An inspection, cleaning and maintenance service optimises the working life of a battery unit and ensures early detection of weak or faulty battery blocks.

The company's power protection and battery experts are available to advise clients on all aspects of custom battery design for UPS systems, standby generators or emergency lighting units. UPS can supply and fit all types into all models of UPS and secure power systems and can dispose of batteries which are classed as hazardous waste.

PowerREPORTER is a 24 hour remote monitoring and diagnostic service for UPS systems which further enhances protection. Designed specifically for continuous monitoring and management of UPS systems, it ensures critical load and mission-critical systems are protected at all times.

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