Avnet Abacus to support VARTA CellPac lithium batteries including custom design service

8th March 2011
ES Admin

Avnet Abacus has been appointed as the first and currently only pan-European distributor for the full range of CellPac lithium batteries from VARTA Microbattery, including custom-designed as well as standard battery packs.

CellPac batteries provide a plug-in solution that contain the required battery-management and protection circuitry and meet all applicable regulations. The full portfolio includes CellPac LITE standard battery packs from 150mAh to 2600mAh and sizes from 4 x 20 x 26mm (402025) to 11 x 36 x 65mm (2x503562), with a variety of connector and wiring configurations.

Alongside these standard products, the CellPac PLUS service supports custom design of battery packs meeting individual project requirements. Avnet Abacus is the first and only distributor to support this service across Europe.

“By providing both off-the-shelf and custom products, the CellPac range brings the high energy density, ruggedness and versatility of lithium battery technology to mass industrial applications,” said Tim Parker, European Battery Manager, Avnet Abacus. “We have over five years’ experience in handling and designing-in lithium battery products, making Avnet Abacus the ideal partner to support VARTA’s CellPac PLUS service in addition to the standard CellPac LITE range. Avnet Abacus will provide support at all stages of the design process from small quantity prototyping to volume production”.

Lithium batteries provide a number of advantages to designers of portable equipment. High energy density enables power-efficient devices to operate for long periods without requiring a large, heavy battery pack. Low weight and small physical dimensions enhance portability. In addition, lithium batteries have high discharge-pulse capability, allowing them to deliver high momentary peak currents.

Designing a lithium battery pack requires specialised electronic design skills, as well as knowledge of relevant safety legislation and product acceptance criteria. All VARTA’s CellPac product, whether standard or bespoke, fully meet the UN38.3 requirements for air transportation. Specifying a standard or custom CellPac solution from Avnet Abacus allows customers to achieve a perfectly optimised battery solution while focusing design effort on the true differentiating features of their new products.

“Avnet Abacus has the technical skills and infrastructure to support the complete CellPac portfolio, including custom-designed batteries,” said Alex Stapleton, Distribution Manager UK & Ireland, VARTA Microbattery. “With proven design experience and a strong stock portfolio, and the ability to support full supply-chain logistics solutions, Avnet Abacus will dramatically increase the accessibility of our lithium battery service for European design engineers.”

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