Automotive N-channel MOSFETs help reduce EMI noise

5th February 2015
Nat Bowers

Expanding its line-up of automotive N-channel power MOSFETs, Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced two devices: a 100V, 160A MOSFET and a 40V, 200A MOSFET. The TK160F10N1 and TK200F04N1L can contribute to EMI noise reduction in applications such as electric power steering, DC/DC converters and load switches.

Conforming with AEC-Q101 automotive level qualification requirements, each MOSFET features a chip using the U-MOSVIII-H process in a TO-220SM(W) package that has had its package resistance reduced to its limit with a new internal copper connector. This has enabled industry leading typical RDS(ON) of 2.0mΩ for the TK160F10N1 and 0.78mΩ for the TK200F04N1L, measured at a VGS of 10V.

The MOSFETs realise higher efficiency and lower heat generation, both featuring maximum low thermal resistance of 0.4˚C/W and maximum +175˚C channel temperature rating.

The U-MOSVIII-H process also has a better switching ripple suppression capability than the previous-gen process.

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