Automotive high-voltage ultralow-IQ low-dropout regulator

20th June 2018
Anna Flockett

The TPS7B69xx-Q1 device is a low-dropout linear regulator designed for up to 40-V VI operations. With only 15-µA (typical) quiescent current at light load, the device is suitable for standby microcontrol-unit systems especially in automotive applications. The devices feature an integrated short-circuit and overcurrent protection. The TPS7B69xx-Q1 device operates over a –40 to 125°C temperature range.

Because of these features, the TPS7B6925-Q1, TPS7B6933-Q1, and TPS7B6950-Q1 devices are well suited in power supplies for various automotive applications. 

Features include: 

  • Qualified for automotive applications
  • AEC-Q100 qualified with the following results:
    • Device temperature grade 1: –40 to 125°C 
      Ambient operating temperature range
    • Device HBM ESD classification level 2
    • Device CDM ESD classification level C4B
  • 4-40V wide VI input voltage 
    Range with up to 45V transient
  • Maximum output current: 150 mA
  • Low Quiescent Current (IQ):
    • 15 µA typical at light loads
    • 25 µA maximum under full temperature
  • 450-mV typical low dropout voltage at 100mA load 
  • Stable with low ESR ceramic output capacitor 
  • Fixed 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V output voltage options
  • Integrated fault protection:
    • Thermal shutdown
    • Short-circuit protection
  • Packages:
    • 4-Pin SOT-223 package
    • 5-Pin SOT-23 package

To read the datasheet click here.

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