App prevents the pain of non-starts this winter

2nd November 2017
Alice Matthews

During the cold winter a dead battery is one of the most common reasons for roadside assistance, but a clever smartphone app supported by a self-installed plug-in device from Smartdriverclub, the connected car service, can help motorists avoid a nasty shock when they switch on the ignition. The smartphone app – Viewpoint – will send an alert to the motorist if it detects the battery charge is running low so that they can get the battery recharged or replaced, saving the stress of getting the problem fixed without any warning.

Penny Searles, CEO of Smartdriverclub, said: “A cold winter morning is not the best time to find the battery’s dead but this is an all too common experience for motorists, perhaps more so if you have an older car. Smartdriverclub works in cars manufactured after 2003, bringing them right up to date with the connected tech in newer vehicles but without the heavy price tag of buying a new car. Forewarned is forearmed and with household budgets under increasing pressure, managing motoring costs through tech like this – which will even track the car if it’s stolen – makes good financial sense.”

The low battery warning is just one of a range of services from Smartdriverclub to help protect motorists’ safety and their pockets. The Viewpoint app enables the driver to see any emerging mechanical issues, exactly where the car is located at any given time, fuel use, trips and mileage incurred for business or personal use and when the MOT and tax are due.

Smartdriverclub will also detect if the customer has been in an accident, contacting emergency services if they can’t be reached and can track the location of the vehicle if it’s been stolen, to support police recovery. Customers also have the option of insurance at up to 42% less than a traditional policy if they drive well.

Searles concluded: “As we approach winter, it’s a good idea to do a few simple checks to get the car ready for a sudden drop in temperature. As well as refreshing the screenwash, checking the windscreen wipers and having some de-icer at the ready, get connected with Smartdriverclub and get in the know about the condition of the car so you won’t be left at the side of the road with a battery that’s as dead as a dodo.”

Smartdriverclub comprises the following services in one package:

My Mechanic - This will alert a motorist if a car problem crops up, suggest what they can do about it and find a local dealer they can talk to. This includes TAX and MOT reminders

Crash Assistance - If the customer is in a collision and Smartdriverclub can’t reach the customer on their mobile phone, they will contact the emergency services and direct them to the location.

Stolen Car - An in-car tracker activated by the customer means that if it’s stolen, the Police should know exactly where to look.

My Driving - Motorists can save money on fuel costs by seeing how efficiently their car performs on each journey with a smart driving history that helps them manage fuel use.

My Deals - Customers can save money on everything from servicing to new tyres. Just tap through the app for the latest deal from their dealership.

Value My Car - Smartdriverclub provides a valuation of the customer’s car that’s actually based on their car so that they can use this instant price for better deals and finance.

Where Did I Park? - A handy little map is provided to those that have forgotten where they parked

Business Miles - Business drivers can accurately record their business vs personal miles and download the information directly into their expense forms, confident that it is validated information for mileage claims

Club Insurance - Preferential rates for good drivers based on their driving behaviour, to ensure customers are not paying for the poor behaviour of others.

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