Amplifier enables long lifetime in voltage sensing applications

4th October 2018
Lanna Cooper

Texas Instruments has introduced a new reinforced isolated amplifier that features high precision and working voltages, and longest lifetime reliability. With performance that includes better nonlinearity, lower offset and gain error, and higher temperature stability, the ISO224 allows engineers to overcome performance limitations and design high precision systems. 

The new amplifier is designed for isolated voltage sensing in factory automation and control, grid infrastructure, rail transport and motor drive applications.

Key features and benefits of the ISO224 reinforced isolated amplifier

  • Highest reliability: TI’s capacitive isolation technology enables the longest lifetimes and 50% higher working voltages than required by isolation industry standards, Common-Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) of up to 80kV/µs and robust operation over an extended industrial temperature range of -55°C to +125°.
  • High performance: The high precision ISO224 enables more accurate measurements of ±10V signals, which are widely used in industrial applications with 25% better nonlinearity, eight times lower gain error, lower offset drift and faster system response than similar competitive devices.
  • Small size: Engineers can reduce board space with the ISO224’s 60% smaller package than the previous-generation ISO12x amplifiers as well as its output that supports direct connection to an analog-to-digital converter with 5V input. The ISO224 also features a single, high side supply with integrated voltage detection that simplifies the design and system-level diagnostics.

Designers can download the TINA-TI SPICE model and then simulate and analyse their circuit behavior with the ISO224 isolated amplifier by downloading the SIM TINA-TI reference design, the ISO224 TINA-TI SPICE model, or by using the ISO224 evaluation module.

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