AC power supply meets Level VI energy efficiency standard

20th October 2016
Alice Matthews

With its green-friendly power design, the WAU series wall plug-in AC power supply from Triad Magnetics may be the first AC/AC External Power Supply (EPS) to meet the Level VI energy efficiency requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the California Energy Commission (CEC), while offering superior performance, long-life and value for a wide range of electronic equipment applications.

Triad Magnetics is fully committed to meeting global energy efficiency requirements to prevent global warming. Its WAU series wall plug-in 120V/60Hz AC Power Supply is rated at 12VA and is available in six different AC output ratings that range from 6.0VAC (±5%, 2000mA) to 24.0VAC (±5%, 500mA).

The WAU series wall plug-in AC power supplies consume up to 25% less power than previous 60Hz AC power supplies, with an average typical efficiency of 88% per the Level VI efficiency requirements. Their robust efficient design minimises losses and heat, providing reliability, quality and long-life.

The 60Hz AC output design of the innovative WAU series EPS allows end-product design engineers to rectify and filter within their equipment, which creates a very 'clean' DC output. In contrast, most existing Level VI DC output EPS are switch-mode and therefore relatively 'noisy'.

The design of the Triad WAU series wall plug-in AC power supplies required higher grade core materials with a slightly larger footprint to meet the Level VI energy efficiency requirements. Triad remains committed to helping engineers who need this type of linear power supply, while many other manufacturers have stopped producing such products due to the inherent design challenges and complexities.

The WAU series also includes flexible design options including a screw terminal secondary, third pin ground (NEMA 5-15P) with secondary ground connection, six foot long output cord and a mounting tab for added mechanical security. They feature a ten year warranty and are ideal for a wide range of applications that include: security system locks, battery backup devices and camera controls; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems; lighting; professional audio and more.

Triad’s pre-packaged WAU Series EPS is already UL/cUL listed (File E245587, UL 1310, Class 2). Pre-approval allows the end-product to go straight to market without additional UL approvals, which shortens the time to market and lowers engineering development costs.

The WAU series and other Triad plug-in power sources eliminate the need for internal power supply cooling devices, thereby reducing the noise level, size and weight of the end product. In addition, these compact power sources keep heat away from sensitive circuits, and supply a safer lower output to the end product.

Wall plug-in power supplies from Triad, including the WAU series, are completely enclosed to prevent tampering. All components are RoHS compliant, meeting the requirements of the EC’s 2011/65/EU standard.

The Level VI energy efficiency requirements developed by the DOE, CEC and EISA 2007, European Union 2005/32/EC are intended to reduce overall electric power consumption resulting from EPS’s. In the 1990s, the efficiency of linear technology EPS’s was considered to be as low as 50%, while still drawing power in a no-load condition (application turned off).

The electric power required to support electronic devices using legacy design EPS’s is largely produced from natural gas and coal, which emit the greenhouse gases pollutants that are considered to be the major cause of global warming. As of February 2016, the DOE’s latest Level VI energy efficiency requirements came into effect as part of a now ongoing global effort to increase the efficiency of electronic devices and thereby reduce power consumption.

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