AC power sources can be customised in variety of ways

13th September 2017
Mick Elliott

An options list has been published by distributor Powerstax which illustrates how Behlman Electronics’ fifteen BL High-Power Series AC Power Sources/Frequency Converters can be selectively customised in many ways, without the typically high cost of engineering a bespoke power supply.

According to Tim Worley, CEO of Powerstax, “Since a recent cost reduction of the Behlman BL High-Power Series AC Power Sources, the demand for a number of options became more evident. The V and F options, for fixed output voltage and fixed output frequency, became so popular that their cost was also reduced. A chart showing 13 options is now available on each of the BL Series specification sheets to help engineers customise these power sources to better meet their needs.”

Behlman’s BL High-Power Series AC Power Sources supply clean, regulated ACpower in a compact design at competitive prices.

The BL High-PowerSeries with Options V and F are available with either single- or three-phase output in a wide range of power, from 1KVA to 20KVA.

Inputs are any worldwide three-phase mains power with some models available with single-phase input.

The power sources deliver excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency, and low harmonic distortion.

A multi-pulse input transformer offers low-input harmonic distortion and high power factor as required by MIL-STD-1399.

Protection circuitry provides over-temperature and short-circuit protection, as well as voltage fold-back during overloads, to maintain undistorted waveforms.

Line drop compensation, phase angle adjust, output on/off, and 0-10V analogue control come standard.

Options include remote interfaces (RS-232 or IEEE-488) for setting and monitoring a motor test option that has the capability to soft-start motors, pumps and compressors, thereby eliminating the need for higher-power devices.

Small size,quiet operation, and high efficiency make the BL High-PowerSeries with options V and F ideal for industrial product testing, precision avionic test and power conversion,ATE, bulk power, and motor generator replacement.

Other models are available with variable voltage and frequency, using ten-turn potentiometers or remote interfaces (Analogue, RS-232 or IEEE-488).

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