65W USB-C PD GaN power adapter reference design

18th May 2021
Alex Lynn

Transphorm and Silanna Semiconductor has announced GaN power adapter reference design. The solution is an open frame, 65W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charger that combines Transphorm’s SuperGaN Gen IV platform with Silanna Semiconductor’s proprietary Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) PWM controller. Together, the technologies yield an unprecedented peak efficiency of 94.5% with an uncased power density of 30W/in3.

These performance levels outpace the currently available competing solutions using silicon superjunction MOSFETs or e-mode GaN transistors, and furthermore utilise a smaller GaN FET from Transphorm. Silanna Semiconductor and Transphorm’s universal GaN adapter design is ideal for powering laptops, tablets, smartphones and other IoT devices.

The new reference design relies on advanced technologies from both Transphorm and Silanna Semiconductor. The SuperGaN FET is Transphorm’s TP65H300G4LSG, a 650V 240mΩ device in an industry standard PQFN88 package. It leverages the SuperGaN Gen IV platform, which uses advanced epi and patented design technologies to improve performance. The robust GaN FET also offers the high reliability synonymous with Transphorm devices, including the industry’s best gate robustness.

And, unlike e-mode devices, protective external circuitry such as additional bias rails or level shifters are not needed—an advantage that produces higher efficiency. Collectively, these and other features further increase the adapter system’s overall power density and reduce BoM costs.

Silanna Semiconductor's SZ1130 is the world’s first fully-integrated ACF PWM controller that integrates an adaptive digital PWM controller, an Active Clamp FET, an Active Clamp Gate Driver, and a UHV Startup regulator.

As an ACF solution, it delivers higher performance than competing quasi-resonant (QR) controllers and offers a simple design in a small PCB area among all ACF controllers in the market. Silanna Semiconductor’s technology-agnostic design focuses on the ultimate power management challenges with the best-in-class power density and efficiency that delight customers with unprecedented BoM savings.

“Transphorm and Silanna Semiconductor offer best-in-class performance in a complete GaN-based reference solution for USB-C PD adapter customers by pairing our SuperGaN devices with Silanna Semiconductor’s novel and highly integrated active clamp flyback controller,” said Tushar Dhayagude, Vice President Field Applications and Technical Sales, Transphorm. “Our GaN FETs are known to improve efficiency, power dissipation and size of AC/DC chargers, particularly when compared to competitive e-mode GaN and integrated GaN IC solutions. Our partnership is a powerful combination of two innovators that will positively impact the adoption of GaN in power adapters worldwide.”

“Our ACF controllers are versatile and provide the design flexibility for the charger manufacturers to select their preferred FET technology. The ACF controller is delivering 94.5 percent efficiency with the combination of our SZ1130 and Transphorm’s TP65H300G4LSG, achieving industry-leading performance,” said Ahsan Zaman, Director of Marketing, Silanna Semiconductor.

“At Silanna Semiconductor, we are extremely excited to further advance the best-in-class efficiency and power density results by combining our knowledge and expertise with technology ecosystem partners to deliver some of the world’s most innovative products.”

The 65W USB-C PD GaN power adapter reference design’s schematic, design files, and bill of materials are available now.

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