-30V p-channel MOSFET provides best-in-class RDS(ON)

1st May 2014
Nat Bowers

Designed to save space and increase power efficiency in portable electronics, Vishay has claimed that the SiA453EDJ provides the industry's lowest RDS(ON) at -4.5 and -2.5V gate drives for a -30V device in the 2x2mm footprint area. This -30V, 12V VGS p-channel TrenchFET power MOSFET is supplied in an ultracompact, thermally enhanced PowerPAK SC-70 package.

The -30V VDS of the device provides the headroom needed for over-voltage spikes, while its 12V VGS enables lower on-resistance ratings of -3.7 and -2.5V for ultraportable, battery-operated applications. The MOSFET is optimised for load and input over-voltage protection switches, battery chargers, and DC/DC converters in smartphones, tablet PCs, mobile computing devices, nonimplantable portable healthcare products, hard disk drives, and handheld consumer electronics including electric toothbrushes, shavers, scanners, and RFID readers. For these applications, the SiA453EDJ offers extremely low on-resistance of 18.5mΩ (at -10V), 23.5mΩ (at -4.5V), 26.0mΩ (at -3.7V), and 37.7mΩ (at -2.5V), and provides built-in ESD protection of 4000V.

The SiA453EDJ's on-resistance at -4.5V is 36% lower than the closest competing -30V device, and 50% lower than the closest competing device with a 12V VGS. The MOSFET's on-resistance at -2.5V is 46% lower than the next-best 12V VGS device. These industry-low values allow designers to achieve lower voltage drops in their circuits and promote more efficient use of power and longer battery run times, while the device's compact PowerPAK SC-70 package saves critical PCB space.

The MOSFET is 100% Rg and UIS tested, halogen-free according to the JEDEC JS709A definition, and compliant to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.

Samples and production quantities of the SiA453EDJ are available now, with lead times of 13 weeks for larger orders.

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