175W AC/DC switcher delivers any required voltage on each of four outputs

8th March 2006
ES Admin
XP Power has introduced an AC/DC switching power supply that enables users to specify any voltage level up to the maximum rating of each output while still maintaining full agency approvals. Other power supplies only permit pre-defined output voltages in order to maintain the approvals status.
The RCL175 is available with one to four outputs: 3V to 60V on output one, 5V to 60V on output two, and 5V to 30V on outputs three and four. Outputs three and four are isolated, allowing parallel or series connection for further flexibility. Output one is user-adjustable by ±10% and the other outputs track this by the same percentage. The number of output configurations is therefore infinite, as is the variety of applications for this unit. The compact power supply is approved for industrial, IT and medical applications and is suited to both Class I and Class II use (with or without a mains earth connection).

The RCL175 is rated at up to 120 Watts with convection cooling, 175 Watts with 12 CFM of forced-air cooling, and has a peak rating of 200 Watts. Efficiencies range from 84-90% depending on output configuration.

The range is based on 18 standard models that can be quickly modified, both electrically and mechanically, for individual applications. Mechanical options include open frame, U-channel, U-channel with cover and U-channel with fan cover. Molex or terminal block connectors can be provided. Open frame models measure just 140 x 94.1 x 32.6mm (5.51 x 3.71 x 1.28 inches) and weigh 500g (1.1 lbs).

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