1000V MOSFET improves system efficiency and reduces cost

7th October 2016
Alice Matthews

A 1000V MOSFET has been introduced by Wolfspeed that enables a reduction in overall system cost, while improving system efficiency and decreasing system size. 

The new MOSFET, part number C3M0065100K, specially optimised for fast charging and industrial power supplies, enables a 30% reduction in component count while achieving more than three times increase in power density and a 33% increase in output power.

“Supporting the widespread implementation of off-board charging stations, Wolfspeed’s technology enables smaller, more efficient charging systems that provide higher power charging at lower overall cost. This market requires high efficiency and wide output voltage range to address the various electric vehicle battery voltages being introduced by automotive suppliers,” explained John Palmour, CTO of Wolfspeed.

“Wolfspeed’s new 1000V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET offers system designers ultra-fast switching speeds with a fraction of a silicon MOSFET’s switching losses. The figure-of-merit delivered by this device is beyond the reach of any competing silicon-based MOSFET,” Palmour added.

Designers can reduce component count by moving from silicon-based, three-level topologies to simpler two-level topologies made possible by the 1000Vds rating of the SiC MOSFET. The increase in output power in a reduced footprint is realised by the low output capacitance - as low as 60pF - which significantly lowers switching losses. This device enables operations at higher switching frequencies, which shrinks the size of the resonant tank elements and decreases overall losses, thus reducing heatsink requirements. Wolfspeed has determined these proof-points by constructing a 20kW full-bridge resonant LLC converter and comparing it to a 15kW silicon system.

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