1,000W power supply is the core of high reliability power systems

9th October 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Excelsys Technologies, XSolo family of 1U high, ultra-compact single output modular power supplies offer designers of critical systems an off-the-shelf high reliability power solution. The most common way of increasing system reliability is to deploy a redundant power solution. This is much more cost effective that the alternative, which is to over-engineer the power supply using high grade components which are rated for a higher degree of thermal and electrical stress.

All Excelsys XSolo power supplies are designed to operate in N + 1 redundant mode with no additional components and have I2C digital control for communicating to operators and system hosts. Redundant power systems are found in emergency, medical, security and communications systems, server rooms and data-centres.

To implement a redundant power system, a power supply is specified that can support the load by itself and second, identical power supply, is connected in parallel providing a system that is more reliable than its component parts. This is because the application will continue to function even in the event of one power supply becoming non-operational. This power supply configuration is commonly referred to as an N + 1 redundant system and may be extended to N + X depending on how critical the application is.

There are cost and size penalties to both methods of providing a high reliability power source. However a redundant system does provide greater ultimate reliability. An effectively implemented N+1 redundant system will provide a much more reliable system design, where single fault conditions will have no impact on the overall performance of the application.

The high efficiency N + 1 configurable Excelsys Xsolo power supply is available in two package types, delivering a market-leading convection cooled 504W in an open-frame U-channel form-factor and up to 1,008W in an enclosed fan cooled chassis. Both models carry a five year warranty.

The XSolo platform offers system integrators a host of features including; variable fan speed, 12V/300mA isolated bias supply, remote ON/OFF, output voltage control and parallel operation for higher power applications. Nominal output voltages are 24, 36 and 48V with wide adjustment ranges and user defined set-points. Maximum dimensions are 1Ux238x128mm.

To simplify product selection and inventory control the XSolo range has dual safety agency certification; EN60950 for industrial applications and EN60601-1 2nd and 3rd Edition for medical applications, fully meeting the stringent creepage and clearance requirements, 4kVAC isolation and less than 300μA leakage current. The XSolo is also compliant with the semiconductor manufacturing standard SEMI F47, fully meeting the voltage dips and interruption requirements. The Excelsys XSolo range is compliant with all relevant EMC emission and immunity standards.

Standard features include; single output: 24, 36 or 48V adjustable output voltage, ultra-high efficiency up to 92%, low profile 1U height (40mm), convection cooled 500W, fan cooled 1,000W (variable fan speed), 12V/300mA bias standby voltage, remote ON/OFF signal, power good signal, MIL810 and SEMI F47 Compliant.

Optional features available include I2C digital control and OR-ing diodes for N+1 redundancy. The XSolo can also be provided with conformal coating and ruggedised for use in harsh environments. With convection cooled power capability of over 500W the XSolo is suited for use in Hi-Rel MIL-COTS applications as well as acoustic sensitive laboratory and medical equipment. Other applications include industrial and hi-rel applications such as battery charging, motors drives, displays, signage, ATMs and test and measurement.

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