Ultra low ESR capacitor is a single part solution for low voltage, high power, high frequency applications

20th March 2006
ES Admin
Based on a combination of niobium oxide and multi-layer ceramic anodes, AVX’s new NPV series of CoreCap™ capacitors deliver excellent ESR performance for medium/ high to very high frequencies, while providing a high level of bulk capacitance for low to medium frequencies.
CoreCap™ provides a single part solution to many low voltage, high power, high frequency applications, allowing parts to be mounted in close proximity to the supply source. Ideal where space is limited, NPV capacitors are suitable for a wide range of V-core filtering and power supplies for processors in servers, notebooks and desktop PC applications.

CoreCap™ offers a capacitance of 560µF and a rated voltage of 2.5V. Devices operate between -55 and 105degC with a reliability of 0.2% per 1000 hours at 85degC. Parts are RoHS-compliant and ready for lead-free assembly system up to 3x260decC reflow.

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