Two-Line Protection Device for Next-Generation DSL Equipment

2nd March 2006
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Semtech Corp has announced the RClamp™7002M, a two-line secondary protection device designed for use in ADSL and other wide area networking (WAN) equipment.
With a surge capability of up to 1000W, the RClamp7002M helps shield sensitive circuits in central office (CO) equipment or customer premise equipment (CPE) from power transients caused by high-energy electrostatic discharge (ESD), cable discharge events (CDE), electrical fast transients (EFT) or lightning. The device meets IEC standards for ESD, EFT and lightning protection.

The RClamp7002M is a member of the RailClamp® family of low capacitance protection devices. Semtech designed the device in concert with a major DSL chipset company to ensure it meets the demands of next-generation devices. The feature set of the device is also well suited for a wide range of wide area networking (WAN) equipment, including ATM and T1/E1 systems.

The device maintains a low clamping voltage through the use of surge rated, low capacitance steering diodes, each of which features a large area junction. The diodes are also responsible for the low maximum capacitance of 10pF.

The operating voltage for the RClamp7002M ranges from 3.3V to 70V, with the device connecting to the positive power supply rail (Vcc) and the ground (GND) to match the system voltage within that range. With this wide operating range, the device can be designed into a CO system that uses -48V power.

To help simplify board layout, the RClamp7002M has a flow through design that orients the incoming signals at one end of the device and the outgoing signals at the other end of the device, eliminating the need to route lines.

The part is packaged in a small MSOP-10L package that is lead-free design, and complies with the European Union’s Restriction on Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) directive to meet worldwide environmental and regulatory requirements.

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