TVS Diode Arrays replace 0402 multilayer varistors

16th July 2014
Nat Bowers


Designed to protect sensitive equipment from damage due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other overvoltage transients, the SPHV (unidirectional) and SPHV-C (bidirectional) series 200W discrete TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Diodes) have been introduced by Littelfuse.

Safely dissipating up to 8A of induced surge current with very low clamping voltages, the TVS Diode Arrays are suited for replacing 0402-sized MLVs (Multilayer Varistors) in applications such as automotive electronics, LED lighting modules, portable instrumentation, general purpose I/O, mobile and handheld devices, CAN and LIN busses, RS‑232/RS‑485, and other various low-speed I/Os. They are also suitable for designers who need to “sprinkle” ESD and/or surge protection devices around their printed circuit boards.

The TVS Diode Arrays provide ESD protection up to ±30kV (contact discharge) and surge protection up to 8A, helping equipment manufacturers comply with and exceed industry standards, and extending equipment life and system uptime. According to Littelfuse, low dynamic resistance provides up to 60% lower clamping voltages than alternative technologies, making them suited for protecting modern electronics filled with small-geometry ICs. The SPHV and SPHV-C series can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes above the maximum level of the IEC61000-4-2 international standard without performance degradation.

AEC-Q101 qualified, the SPHV and SPHV-C series are made with silicon diodes capable of handling more than 1,000 ESD strikes or surge transients without performance degradation compared to previous technologies that have an inherent wear-out factor.

“Because they are constructed with silicon diodes, the SPHV and SPHV-C series TVS Diode Arrays offer two or three times higher ESD protection than devices made using alternative materials that have an inherent wear-out factor. This allows for more robust product implementations in environments where the threat of ESD is daily and equipment needs to withstand hundreds, if not thousands of ESD strikes over its lifetime,” comments Chad Marak, Director, TVS Diode Arrays product line, Littelfuse.

The SPHV and SPHV-C series TVS Diode Arrays is available now in quantities of 10,000 in tape and reel packaging.

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