Thermistors deliver R25 Values from 100kΩ to 210kΩ

29th January 2014
Staff Reporter

Boasting enhanced stability for temperature sensing and compensation circuits, the SMD NTC thermistors from Vishay are optimized for heat counters, body thermometers, and other medical applications.

The thermistors provide precise measurements over a wide temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C, and feature non-standard R25 values that are adapted to the resistivity of the thermistors' stable ceramic material and case dimensions. This last feature preserves the devices' original electrical properties throughout their lifetime for increased accuracy. The devices have an ultra-low ± 0.5% maximum variation in their initial electrical resistance values at +25 °C (R25) after 10,000 hours of operation over the full temperature range.

The devices provide one R25 value per case in the 0402, 0603, and 0805 case sizes. The devices' high R25 values from 100 kΩ to 210 kΩ reduce self-heating effects, which could result in false temperature readings.

The NTCS....E3...SMT range of thermistors is RoHS-compliant and suitable for wave and reflow soldering. Delivered on punched paper tape on reels, the devices feature a SMD construction with nickel barrier and pure tin.




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