Solid-state relays arrive with heatsink included

19th February 2015
Mick Elliott

The Kudom KSV series solid-state relays (SSRs) are available at distributor Switchtec. They offer fast, reliable switching in applications requiring a high operating speed and a long electrical life. The modular, DIN rail mount relays feature high performance characteristics and are simple to order as the heatsink is included, reducing serial number options.

The KSV series has a modular construction. Relays are supplied complete with a built in heat sink and a DIN rail/surface mount clip. With standard SSRs, purchasers have to place separate sub orders for the relay, protection cover, thermal pad and heat sink. Similarly, selection of the correct sized heat sink can be problematic. The benefit of the KSV series is just one part number, and it being automatically supplied with the correctly rated heat sink and protection cover.

As SSRs have no moving contacts, they are ideally suited to applications with high switching levels or a requirement for rapid switching times. Compared to their electromechanical cousins, KSV SSRs have an operating time of just 1ms, compared to the much slower 15ms of the latter. A major ‘green’ point, the relays also feature silent switching.

Electromechanical relays can be noisy, constantly clicking on and off in applications where frequent switching is required. Conversely, SSRs have no moving contacts and are therefore silent running. In applications where lots of relays are used, the reduction in noise levels can be dramatic, helping manufacturers and environmentalists to meet factory and workplace noise level legislation targets.

The KSV series is available in three current ratings, 10, 25, and 40A, suitable for switching loads up to 440 or 530VAC. The relays are available with DC control voltages of 3-32VDC or 90-280VAC dependent on the version selected. All types are available with ‘zero cross turn on’ to minimise electrical interference or random turn on for fast switching applications. The relays feature a compact housing measuring just 118 x 80 x 81mm (HxWxD) and come fitted with a built in LED showing the status of the relay.

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