Supercapacitors enable green power solution

1st September 2020
Mick Elliott

The KR-5R5C224-R 5.5V, 0.22F Cylindrical supercapacitors from Eaton are now being shipped by distributor TTI.

Eaton supercapacitors are high reliability, high power, ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices utilising electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with proprietary materials and processes.

The KR and KW series replace button cell batteries (and the battery holder) for real-time clock backup power, and provide ride-through for battery operated devices to allow time for battery replacements

All Eaton supercapacitors feature low ESR for high power density with environmentally friendly materials for a green power solution.

The supercapacitors are maintenance-free with design lifetimes up to 20 years and operating temperatures down to -40 °C and up to +85 °C.

The KR series is available from 0.1F to 1.5F with a maximum working voltage of 5.5V.

The KW Series is available from 0.1F to 1.0F with a maximum working voltage of 5.5V.

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