Stackpole’s Customizable SWT and EWT Series Tubular Wirewounds

3rd August 2010
ES Admin
Stackpole’s SWT and EWT Series are high power tubular wirewounds that can be customized to fit many different applications. Along with the standard sizes, these two series can be provided with non-standard core sizes, adjustable center taps, non-inductive windings, different size mounting brackets, and different tab connectors. Many high power resistor applications require a resistor to fit into a fixed enclosure, housing, or space within another piece of equipment.
The SWT and EWT Series provide the needed flexibility to fit these applications and end products. The SWT and EWT Series are good choices for a variety of applications and end products that require a low cost, high power wirewound resistor. Among the applications would be high power motor controls, welding equipment, plasma cutters, power supplies, drilling equipment. Pricing for standard configurations will vary depending on size and tolerance and ranges from $1.25 each to $56 each in minimum quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for volume pricing.

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