Stackpole's Advanced ESD Solutions for USB Port Protection

7th September 2010
ES Admin
Stackpole Electronics, Inc's discrete (ESD Series) and array (ESA Series) suppression devices are ideal for ESD protection of high speed communications ports such as USB 2.0. These products offer capacitance as low as 0.01pF, which preserves signal integrity even up to data rates approaching 5GHz. Like other gap type devices, the ESD and ESA have very low leakage current.
However, the unique air gap technology from Stackpole offers protection for thousands of ESD events versus the polymer gap devices that can degrade after only a few ESD events. For single USB ports, a single ESD0603 or ESD0402 is ideal for its small size and weight and low cost. For multiple USB ports, the ESA Series 0603 by 4-array has four ESD type devices on a single chip array package for even more volumetric efficiency.

The ESD Series and ESA Series are available in operating voltages of 3.3, 5.5, 12, and 24 volts, and in clamping voltages of 17 and 25 volts.

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