Stackpole develops 1% tolerance chip resistors

31st August 2010
ES Admin
Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announced the addition of 1% tolerance to the popular RPC Series of thick film high pulse withstanding chip resistors. Previously this series was only available down to 5% tolerance due to the elimination of the calibration laser trim. Through proprietary materials and processing, Stackpole is now able to offer 1% accuracy with only minor sacrifices to the pulse power handling of the product.
When the RPC Series was introduced, it offered excellent pulse withstanding that was previously not available in a thick film chip esistor, commented Kory Schroeder, director of marketing at Stackpole. Over the last few years, we have had many inquiries from customers that require a pulse handling chip resistor with 1% resistance tolerance. In many applications, engineers are willing to accept a slightly lower pulse power handling in order to get the precision to 1% tolerance. The RPC Series is now an outstanding solution for those applications.

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