Six-Line Protection Device Seems a Natural fit for Mobile Phone Keypads and other Portable Devices

19th June 2006
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Semtech has announced the µClamp™0506P, the industry’s first ultra-small six-line 5V protection device for portable systems. The µClamp0506P is the latest addition to Semtech’s MicroClamp product family, which now has the industry’s widest selection of line capacities – from one to six lines. The device works in any portable device, but is a natural fit for 12-button mobile phone keypads, reducing the number of protection parts needed from three to two, thus freeing up board space and cutting costs.
The µClamp0506P is packaged in Semtech’s leadless SLP 6L package for an ultra-small form factor: 1.6 x 1.6 mm, with a 0.6 mm profile that makes it attractive for the current wave of ultra slim portable devices. The µClamp0506P features a very low clamping voltage that aids designers in meeting IEC standards for protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical fast transient (EFT) events.

The device can be configured to protect up to six unidirectional lines by connecting the center pad to the ground pad, or five bidirectional lines when any of the I/O pins is connected to ground. In contrast, leaded devices protect one less line as one pin must be used for the ground connection.

“MicroClamp products leverage Semtech’s process technology for their small size, which is important for ever sleeker next-generation portables, but also important is the µClamp0506P’s low clamping voltage that provides superior protection for the phone’s sensitive controllers and ASICs,” said Tom Dugan, Semtech's Director of Protection Products. “Integrating six lines into a tiny, low-profile package makes high-quality protection more cost-effective for all portable devices.”

All MicroClamp devices feature a unique combination of low clamping voltage levels and small package size, which allows them to protect even the most sensitive CMOS circuits while minimizing the board space consumed. MicroClamp devices are placed in between the protected circuit and the sources of potential ESD, including such interfaces as keyboards, LED drivers, battery chargers, power or headphone connectors. During an ESD event, the TVS becomes a low-impedance path protecting the circuit by diverting harmful current to ground.

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