Littelfuse Protects Sensitive Electronics from ESD and Surge Currents with 450W TVS Diode Arrays

13th February 2013
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Littelfuse has released the 450W SD05 (unidirectional) and SD05C (bidirectional) Series General-purpose TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Devices), which are designed to replace multilayer varistors for protecting electronic equipment from damage due to electrostatic discharge and other transient events.
Unlike ceramic devices, which have an inherent wear-out factor, SD05 and SD05C Series devices are made of silicon diodes, which allows them to absorb repetitive ESD strikes or surge transients safely without performance degradation. Their low dynamic resistance (0.5Ω for SD05, 0.6Ω for SD05C) provides up to a 50% reduction in clamping voltage when compared with competing technologies, and can safely dissipate induced surge currents up to 30A. Typical applications of these devices include buttons/keypads, switches, DC power ports, and various other low-speed I/Os in point-of-sale terminals, test equipment or instrumentation, medical equipment, desktop/notebook computers, servers, computer peripherals, etc.

“The SD05 and SD05C Series are perfect solutions for medical, industrial, consumer and computing applications. They allow designers to add ESD and/or surge protection around the printed circuit board (PCB) as needed,” said Chad Marak, Director of the Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays product line. “Their compact SOD-323 package fits right into the footprint of an 0805 MLV, allowing manufacturers to replace them in their designs with a SD05 or SD05C device without requiring a PCB or solder pad change.”

The SD05 and SD05C Series TVS Diode Arrays offer these key features and benefits:

• Lightning: IEC61000-4-5, 30A (tp=8/20μs); ESD: IEC61000-4-2, ±30kV contact discharge
• Low dynamic resistance of only 0.5Ω (SD05) and 0.6Ω (SD05C)
• Low leakage of 1µA max
• No inherent wear-out factor
• SOD-323 package fits existing 0805 PCB footprints

• Robust surge and enhanced ESD protection helps equipment manufacturers comply with and exceed regulatory standards, extending equipment life and system up-time
• Provides up to a 50% reduction in clamping voltage compared to competing technologies, making them ideal for protecting modern electronics
• Up to a 97% decrease in leakage current compared to previous technologies, greatly increasing battery life
• Capable of handling multiple ESD strikes or surge transients without performance degradation compared to ceramic devices, making for a more robust design
• Offers flexibility to the manufacturer to replace existing 0805 MLVs without requiring a PCB or solder pad change

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