RPC-UP ultra-high power pulse withstanding chip resistors

8th August 2019
Alex Lynn

Stackpole has increased the power rating of its popular RPC Series. The RPC-UP from Stackpole offers 0805 and 1206 size chip resistors with excellent pulse withstanding and high power ratings. RPC0805-UP is rated at 0.5W and 400V working voltage and the RPC1206-UP is rated at 0.75W and 500V.

Resistance values range from one ohm to one mega ohm with tolerances from 20% to 0.5% available for some resistance values.

The exceptional pulse handling and high power handling allow the RPC-UP to be used in applications normally requiring much larger and more expensive resistor types. Many popular values are now in stock.

Pricing for the RPC-UP depends on size and tolerance and ranges from $0.024 to $0.032 each in full package quantities.

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