KOA Enhance Resistance Range For 01005-RK73B1F Thick Film Chip Resistors

4th February 2013
ES Admin
KOA Speer Electronics has recently expanded the range of resistance values of their smallest size within the RK73B1F series of general-purpose thick film chip resistors. The new value range, which affects the 01005 (1F) size, has been expanded to 4.7 Ohm ~ 1M Ohm for both 2% and 5% tolerances. The RK73B1F chip resistor, which is 55% smaller than the 0201 size, features a power rating of 0.03W and a TCR up to +300ppm/°C.
All E-24 Values will be available for this resistor. In addition, this resistor is available with lead-free terminations to meet EU RoHS requirements.

Used primarily on portable products where size and/or weight are key selling points, RK73B chip surface mount resistors are ideal for applications such as package-on-package high density PCBA's, mobile phones RF modules, micro drives, handheld memory products (SD cards), portable application-mobile phones and digital cameras.

KOA Speer's RK73B chip resistor series is available in a wide range of sizes, from the 01005 (1F) up to 2512 (3WA). These chip resistors feature a power rating range of .03W to 1W, resistances up to 22MΩ and maximum working voltages between 15V and 200V.

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