New RGS-9000 Ethernet switch ideal for multi-applications

24th October 2013
Jacqueline Regnier

The RGS-9000, a multi-optional modular managed Ethernet switch with 24+4G ports, has been anounced by ORing. Designed for flexible implementations and mulit-applications, the RGS-9000's high-speed sealed ports and modular design make it the go to choice for proprietors.

RGS-9000 comes with 3 replaceable slots, each of it supports up to 8 of 10/100/1000Base-T(X) RJ45 ports or 8-port of 100/1000 base-X SFP, plus additional 4 of 10G SFP+ ports. RGS-9000 is an advanced and flexible modular 28-port managed Ethernet switch, it can be set up in different combinations based on different working conditions and requirements, highly enhances configuration flexibility. For real-time controlling of different working areas, synchronization is one of the key requirements. RGS-9000 supports IEEE 1588v2 PTP (Precision Time Protocol), making fully synchronized surveillance. With its upgraded internet management functions and non-fan design, RGS-9000 highly enhances its competitiveness in the market and increases its environmental tolerance.

For unexpected accidents during configuration process, RGS-9000 offers flexible port-type options, modularized power supply and the easy replacement. Proprietors can choose the suitable module, which meets its working conditions. For high signal intensity, proprietors can increase SFP slots; for more Ethernet switch copper ports, they can also make adjustments. Its flexible power supply design and hot-plugging function not only increase implementation compatibility, but also offer convenience for proprietors.

For resilient and convenient management, RGS-9000 supports IPv4/ IPv6 Internet protocol, also supports the related set-up and firmware update. Moreover, RGS-9000 fully complies with HTTPS and SSH communications protocols, enhancing the data transmission security. Through CLI, Telent and Web network interfaces, users can manage the network equipment efficiently. For saving energy, RGS-9000 is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet standard, which can automatically detect network stream and regulate the power output, allowing less power consumption during the period of low data activity. RGS-900 not only solves power waste problem, but also gain the total profit.

RGS-9000 also combines the ORing self-developed networking management-Open-Vision v3.5, ORing offers clients free usage for 50 machines with network equipment;Through this system, user can control and monitor the condition of all the Ethernet switches remotely. While system malfunction happened, it offers real time alarm warning and other associated functions. Meanwhile, through the IGMP v2/v3 (IGMP snooping), it can filter multicast traffic in the industrial Ethernet protocol efficiently. The wide-ranged operating temperature of RGS-9000 is from-10oC~+60oC, which is suitable for any harsh industrial environment. RGS-9000 is surly the best choice for all the proprietors.

Product feature:

                Provide up to 24 ports of10/100/1000Base-T(X) or 24 SFP ports of 100/1000 Base-X and 4 of 10G SFP+ ports, depending on requirements.

                Support IEEE 1588v2 clock synchronization.

                Supports IPV6 new internet protocol version

                Supports O-Ring/Open-Ring/O-Chain/MSTP/STP redundant technology.

                Supports versatile redundant power inputs: 18~75VDC or 85~264VAC/88~370VDC

                Provides SNMP, RMON, event alarm warning and other network managements.

                Supports Open-Vision v3.5, ORing offers clients free usage for 50 machines with network equipment

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