NI Adds PXI Programmable Resistor Modules to Embedded Software Validation and Hardware-in-the-Loop Platforms

24th October 2012
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National Instruments today announced a new family of PXI and PXI Express programmable resistor modules that replicate the behavior of resistance-based devices such as potentiometers, resistance temperature detectors and resistive loads.
The modules include a range of five to 18 channels, so engineers can choose the best module that scales to meet requirements for applications ranging from single unit validation of an automotive engine control unit to system integration testing for an entire network of airplane control systems.

“The new PXI programmable resistor modules add to our broad offering of hardware and software for hardware-in-the-loop testing,” said Ian Fountain, director of HIL and real-time test for NI. “NI continues to add unique value for engineers solving rapidly changing embedded software validation problems with easy-to-use, commercially available tools based on our graphical system design approach.”

Product Features

· Control flexibility in LabVIEW and NI VeriStand software gives engineers the option to configure each channel as a potentiometer, resistive load or custom RTD

· Two 8-bit modules (NI PXI-2720 and NI PXIe-2725) with up to 18 channels can create resistances up to 255 Ω in 1 Ω steps

· Two 16-bit modules (NI PXI-2722 and NI PXIe-2727) with up to nine channels can create resistances up to 16 kΩ in 0.25 Ω steps

· Built-in digital multimeter (DMM) port for easy connectivity and path verification

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