Protect against ESD in fast-charging applications

3rd February 2015
Nat Bowers

Designed to provide superior ESD protection for current-intensive applications, such as fast-charging peripherals or PoweredUSB, the SP1255P series has been announced by Littelfuse. The low capacitance ESD protection TVS diode arrays integrate three channels of ultra-low capacitance steering diodes with a low voltage TVS diode to provide maximum ESD protection of the USB data and ID pins, according to the IEC 61000-4-2 standard.

Ensuring maximum reliability in the harshest environments, the AEC-Q101 qualified SP1255P series is suited for applications including ESD protection for smartphones, tablets and other portable electronics.

The SP1255P series has a dynamic resistance of just 0.3Ω, providing clamping voltages claimed to be up to 23% lower than similar silicon solutions. A high surge current Vbus protection device with a working voltage of 12V protects against lightning level fast transients of up to 100A on the USB Vbus line.

Chad Marak, Product Line Director, TVS Diode Array, Littelfuse, comments: “The SP1255P Series offers a new approach to protecting the charging functions of tablets and smartphones against high current fast transients, whether they’re induced by nature or by erratic electrical grids. Their space-saving footprint and low profile make them suitable for ESD protection applications in a variety of portable consumer electronics where board space is at a premium.”

By allowing the traces to run directly underneath the device without the need for stub traces that can cause signal degradation, the SP1255P series' small form factor µDFN-6 package (1.8x2.0x0.55mm) simplifies the PCB layout.

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