Power line chokes' vertical design saves PCB space

30th July 2015
Nat Bowers

Expanding its range of frame core power line chokes, TDK has introduced the B82733V* series in a vertical design, complementing the horizontally designed B82733F* series. The vertical design is particularly advantageous when there is limited space on the PCB. Featuring an insertion height of 27mm, the chokes have a footprint of just 29x15.5mm. This is more than 30% smaller than that of the horizontal version.

The current-compensated chokes are designed for a maximum voltage of 300VAC and offer inductance values of between 10 and 100mH. At an operating temperature of +40°C, the chokes can handle rated currents of between 0.7 and 2.3A. Both the plastic frame and the epoxy resin coating meet UL94 V-0 requirements.

In addition to their good common-mode suppression, the chokes feature good differential-mode suppression thanks to their relatively high stray inductance of about two percent. In many cases this means that no additional components for differential-mode suppression are required. The chokes are particularly suitable for new designs of switch-mode power supplies with high switching frequencies.

The components are approved according to ENEC (VDE) and UL and are RoHS-compatible.

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