One of the highest-power SMD resistors on the market

17th March 2015
Nat Bowers


Extending its RWS range of SMD resistors from 0.5 to 10W, ARCOL Resistors has announced the RWS10 surface mount resistor. According to ARCOL, this is one of the highest-power SMD resistors currently on the market.

The thermal design has been optimised to provide a greater heat-reduction efficiency, resulting in a lower surface temperature-rise, when compared with other (lower power) SMD resistors on the market. They also feature excellent overload characteristics with a surge capacity of up to five times rated power for five seconds.

The RWS is a family of compact, precision power resistors are manufactured to the highest standards; reliable and robust but still achieving a drift of less than 1% and TCR of 10-90ppm/°C when under rated conditions. The RWS resistors also have excellent stability and TCR characteristics: ±90ppm/°C (R1 - R99), ±50ppm/°C (1R - 10R) and ±20ppm/°C (more than 10R). The operating temperature range is from -55 to +275°C for the RWS7 and RWS10 versions, and -55 to +155°C for the rest of the range. The maximum working voltage is (PxR) ½.

Low inductance versions are also available. The RWS power resistors are RoHS compliant, designed for easy assembly. The life specifications have been measured at a test temperature of +70°C ±2°C, with a rated DC continuous working voltage applied, 1.5 hours on and 0.5 hours off for 1,000 hours.

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