New range of switches and sensors for OEM locks from Cherry deliver enhanced security and faster, easier assembly

23rd October 2008
ES Admin
In line with rapid growth in worldwide demand for security products, Cherry Electrical Products has introduced a new range of switch and sensor products for the OEM lock and security systems market. Cherry’s innovative range of switches and sensors enables systems designers to increase the effectiveness of entry/lock systems by incorporating the latest in electromechanical components into their new products.
Many systems now use motorised and solenoid locks, electric strikes and magnets for door locking. Cherry sensors indicate the position of the door at any given time and are ideal for use in door contacts, which are installed on both the frame and the door. Cherry switches monitor the latch bolt position, the outside trip (locked or unlocked), and in some systems, the touch bar.

Both Cherry’s switches and sensors offer significant advantages: in particular, the company’s range of DG and DB miniature switches will handle the load and life requirements of the system, while being small enough to fit onto a PCB, saving board space for additional components. These switches give designers a far greater degree of freedom than competitive products as they can easily be modified with a different lever, button or terminal configuration to fit specific applications. The switches also have formed terminals for easier and faster assembly.

Cherry’s proximity sensors couple high performance with reasonable price. In addition, the company offers magnetic mapping equipment to verify sensor activation distances. The sensors are available in a variety of housing styles.

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