New Filter Makes Monitored Alarm Systems Broadband Ready

23rd February 2006
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A new electronic filter, designed specifically to allow monitored intruder alarm systems to connect to a DSL activated line such as Broadband, is announced by security components specialist Focus EDL.
In a traditional, correctly installed single analog line installation, the alarm system should be able to “seize the line” if the alarm is activated. However, with the rising use of DSL lines, customers are choosing to opt for high speed “always on” internet access and this brings with it a series of compatibility issues.

“Most service providers include in the installation kit at least two microfilters and customers normally use these for their computer/telephone line” says Geoff Philpot, Managing Director of Focus EDL. “The problem is that the line going into the alarm panel is not filtered and will at best suffer interference and at worst will not work at all.” He adds.

The Z-A431EU is designed to offer an effective method of blocking interference between DSL and the monitored alarm panel. It isolates high frequency DSL and HPN (Home Phone Network) signals from low frequency voice and data communication. The new device is the only filter designed solely for use with European alarm systems.

All new systems will soon be required to meet EN50131 and, to do this, the alarm panel must be capable of line seizure. In order to achieve this, the alarm must be installed first in line in the system. The Z-A431EU allows alarm panels to meet the standard. The filter is inserted between the telephone master socket and the alarm panel allowing seizure to continue, but also filtering the DSL signal from the alarm panel.

It can be installed in an alarm system at any time and can be added to an existing system when the customer chooses to have DSL activated. It can be installed in a new system that is, or will be, connected to an active DSL line.

Manufactured to a Focus specification by Excelsus, the industry’s leading producer of microfilters and part of Pulse, the Z-A431 is suitable for use throughout Europe.

The new filter is available from stock at Focus EDL or from many of Europe’s leading alarm manufacturers and installers.

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