Surface Mountable Nano2 485 Series 600VDC Fuse Combines Exceptional Overcurrent Protection with a Space-Saving Footprint

6th November 2012
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Littelfuse has developed the Nano2 485 Series Fuse, a compact (12.1mm x 4.5mm x 4.5mm), surface mountable 600VDC fuse for overcurrent protection of high voltage DC circuits. The 485 Series Fuse is designed for overcurrent protection of high energy DC circuits and applications.
It packs a high voltage and energy protection capability in a very small footprint, which offers important advantages to today’s circuit designers. The 485 Fuse Series provides fast-acting blow characteristics to ensure high-speed protection against surge currents and overload conditions. Its ceramic housing ensures robust operation and long-term reliability, even in environments with high ambient temperatures (-55ºC to 120ºC).

The 485 Series Fuse offers circuit designers a compact, cost-competitive alternative to traditionally larger, through-hole-type 600VDC fuses for creating cost-effective designs in accordance with the industry trend for surface mount designs. It is available with current ratings from 500mA to 3.15A, all certified under the UL Components Recognition Program. This RoHS compliant part is halogen free in accordance with worldwide environment, health, and safety standards.

Applications for the 485 Series Fuse include use in high-end PC servers, telecom power distribution systems, LCD/PDP TV inverter boards DC input protection, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, 3-phase power supplies, 380VDC servers/lighting in data centers.

The 485 Series Fuse offers circuit designers a variety of key benefits:

-Surface mount packaging allows designers to adapt to the trend of surface mounting components on PCBs

-Packs a high interrupting current rating at 100A@600V in a small footprint (12.1mm x 4.5mm x 4.5mm), making it ideal for applications with limited board space

-Wide operating temperature range (55°C to 125°C) and ceramic housing ensure robust performance and reliable overcurrent protection in working environments with ultra-high ambient temperatures

-100% RoHS compliant and halogen free design ensures compliance with internationally accepted environmental standards

-Suitable for leaded or lead-free reflow soldering, offering greater flexibility in solder type selection

-UL/CSA Agency approvals ensure compliance with international safety standards

Daniel Wang, director of global product management for the Littelfuse 485 Series Fuse, notes, “The Nano2 485 Series complements and further broadens the Littelfuse line of surface mount fuses used for the secondary side of circuit protection. It deepens our offering of quality overcurrent protection solutions for industrial and data center applications.”

The 485 Series Fuse is available in quantities of 1,500 in standard tape and reel packaging.

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