Modular capacitor concept covers 1,100 V to 2,300 V

14th December 2022
Mick Elliott

TDK EPCOS' ModCap is a modular capacitor concept for DC link applications. They are in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

These B25645A medium-frequency power capacitors are available for rated voltages of 1,100 V to 2,300 V and cover a 365 µF to 3,900 µF capacitance range.


The rated currents between 105 A and 180 A are type-conditioned, with all types designed for 5 kA recurrent pulse currents. The maximum permitted hot spot temperature is +90°C.

The capacitors are available for rated voltages from 900 V to 1,600 V and cover a capacitance spectrum from 640 µF to 1,850 µF.

Depending on the type, the rated currents range from 160 A to 210 A with a maximum permitted hot spot temperature of +90°C.

Due to the nonconventional design, the capacitors can be fitted very close to IGBT modules, thus producing very short lead lengths.

The very low self-inductance prevents voltage overshooting on the power semiconductors when the current is shut off.

As a result, generally, no snubber capacitors are needed. This design also makes parallel connections of capacitors easy.

Typical applications are compact converters for traction, renewable energies, and industrial applications.

The capacitors are qualified to IEC 61071, IEC 61881-1, EN45545-2 and HL3 R23 regarding fire and smoke formation.

They are UL recognised.

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