Millimeter wave switches for Hi-Rel applications

11th January 2008
ES Admin
Just announced by specialist distributor, Admiral Microwaves, is a range of millimeter wave switches manufactured by the world class manufacturer, Herley. The Series 90 switches are designed for defence and aerospace applications, and also suit a growing range of devices in the medical and scientific equipment sectors.
These single pole, double throw switches provide high performance characteristics over the frequency range from 18 to 40 GHz. Featuring low insertion loss and VSWR, the devices are specified with rise and fall times better than 10ns, and offer up to 65dB isolation. Three models are available, each covering the 18 to 26.5GHz and 26.5 to 40GHz frequencies.

In construction, the switches feature an integrated assembly of PIN diodes mounted in a microstrip transmission line in a series-shunt arrangement. In operation, a positive current is applied by the driver, and the associated port is OFF since the corresponding shunt diodes are biased to a low resistance and the series diode to a high resistance. With negative current at the bias terminal converse conditions are established and the port is ON.

All models are supplied with integrated drivers. Options include a choice of Type K male RF connectors, SMB male bias/control connectors, inverse control logic, and EMI filter.

The Series 90 switches are readily available from stock in the UK from Admiral Microwaves, with production orders available within three months on receipt of order.

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