New IPv6 protocol is launched in Korenix Giga & Fast Ethernet Copper/Fiber Switches for upgrading your Network Security & Communication Performance

1st June 2012
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Korenix is pleased to announce the launch of the IPv6 protocol in its JetNet 6059G Full Gigabit and JetNet 4508/4508f Fast Ethernet managed switches for advanced file security, enhanced data communication with trouble free automatic IP address configuration.
With the new firmware, the switches are fully compliant with IPv6 mandatory core protocols, and as an addition provide IPv6 SSH & SSL security, Configuration & Firmware upgrades, IPv6 neighbor discovery, network management through Ping6, CLI, Telnet, Web, as well as IPv6 & IPv4 dual stack, which is ideal for use both in pure IPv4 or IPv6 backbones or mixed IPv4-IPv6 industrial environments.

Furthermore, the support of IPv6 next-generation integrated internet protocol assures that the Korenix switches can now easily interoperate with other IPv6 equipment and can automatically allocate an IPv6 IP address and offer advanced QoS traffic prioritization through IPv6's packet tags to guarantee optimized network security and performance.

The new IPv6 is now available in the firmware of following Korenix switches:
JetNet 6059G - 9G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
JetNet 4508 - 8-port Managed Fast Ethernet Switch
JetNet 4508f - 8-port Managed Fast Ethernet Fiber Switch

More Korenix Ethernet Din-rail and Rackmount managed switches will be launched soon to support IPv6.

Korenix wide range of leading-edge networking solutions includes the JetNet 6059G series 9-port Full gigabit managed switches with 5 combo ports for high-speed network construction as well as JetNet 4508/4508f series Fast Ethernet switches with 6 copper and 2 copper / fiber uplink ports for long-distance data transfer. All models are designed with the MSR network redundancy protocol for providing non-stop data transfer with Korenix managed switches, as well as the MSTP/RSTP for broadening their usage with 3rd party equipment in control rooms.


Moreover, the switches offer outstanding network control and security features as well as LLDP and JetView Pro efficient network management and Modbus TCP device monitoring protocols for enabling users to easily manage networks with the highest quality, reliable and secure data transmission. Through their IEC 61000-6-2/ 6-4 heavy industry compliant design, including rugged enclosures, excellent ESD, surge and insulation protection, redundant 10~60VDC power input range and up to -40~75oC operating temperature, the switches become ideal ruggedized solutions for building real-time networks under the most severe industrial environments.

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