ITEC release industry's 'fastest and most precise' RFID inlay die bonder

15th November 2023
Kristian McCann

ITEC has unveiled its ADAT3 XF Tagliner, setting a new industry benchmark with placement speeds reaching 48,000 Units Per Hour (UPH).

This machine boasts positional and rotational accuracies surpassing 9 microns and 0.67° at 1 sigma, making it thrice as fast and 30% more precise than other die bonding equipment. "The machine has been operating flawlessly at several advanced customer sites, and we are now prepared for its international commercial launch," announced Martijn Zwegers, ITEC's Product Management Director.

The fully automated ADAT3 XF Tagliner achieves yields above 99.5%. It offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in its category, providing a substantial competitive edge by reducing manufacturing costs. This innovation opens up a wide array of new RFID applications, including retail and automotive labels, access control systems, railway tickets, airline luggage tags, and shipping containers.

Semiconductor industry-sandard features

With over three decades of experience in the semiconductor sector, ITEC brings its expertise to RFID, fundamentally a semiconductor technology. The company has already installed numerous high-volume semiconductor chip-attach systems in various markets. The ADAT3 XF Tagliner incorporates semiconductor industry-standard features, such as automatic wafer change for both 8- and 12-inch wafers and multiple high-resolution cameras for inspection at each process stage.

The machine's high-precision glue curing system comprises just two thermodes, reducing moving parts for enhanced reliability and maintenance. Its curing time of 65 ms is significantly shorter than other RFID die bonders, which typically take several seconds, thereby boosting operational efficiency.

The ADAT3 XF Tagliner can handle various web materials, both transparent and opaque, giving it an edge over traditional RFID die bonding equipment limited to transparent materials. It integrates BW Paper systems winders and Voyantic readers, making it compatible with emerging and more sustainable substrates like paper, increasingly replacing PET plastics. The machine maintains its unparalleled speed of 48,000 UPH even with a web pitch of 50.8 mm.

Fully qualified for major RFID players

"This RFID die bonder, optimised by leveraging semiconductor industry innovations, is poised to be the benchmark system in the coming years," asserts Martijn Zwegers. The process is fully qualified for major chip suppliers and meets the industry’s strictest temperature, humidity, and mechanical reliability standards. Currently, it can place dies as small as 200 microns, a capability that is expected to improve over time. Future upgrades will enhance operation and performance, securing the investment made today.

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